Benefits Of Legs Workout

Legs workout

When you walk into the gym you have seen many guys with strong and heavy upper body and legs are like a toothpick. Don’t be like them. If you don’t wanna to look like a chicken then you must train your legs. Skipping leg training means you are almost skipping your gains. I know Legs are not showy muscle but legs workout plays a very important role in overall development of your body. So In this article, I’m going to list some most important benefits of legs workout.

1-Increase Growth Hormones And Testosterone Level Helps You To Build More Muscle

Many studies have shown that if you do legs workout then not only fat will burn but also there is a peak in your growth hormones and testosterone levels. Growth hormones are released by the pituitary gland and testosterone are released by the sex organs. These two hormones are the muscle building hormones, they help you to build more muscle at a faster rate.

2-More Calorie Burn

your Legs muscle are the biggest muscles in the body, so you need to put more effort to train them. When you do that then you will be able to burn more calorie at a faster rate. This also spikes up your metabolism to intense fat burning process.

3-Bigger And Better Upper Body

yes, That’s true if you train your legs regularly then you will be able to build a better, bigger and strong upper body. Some Exercise like Squat or Deadlift which does not only works for legs but also works for the whole body. You squeeze the bar so hard when you are lifting heavy during squat and deadlift makes your arm stronger. Your core will become tight helps you to develop abs. Similarly, other muscle like shoulder, chest, lower back, traps also works.

4-Improve Body Posture

Legs workout will also help you to Improve your body posture. Improve the functioning of almost all body parts. Exercise like squat and deadlift stretch your whole body and thus help to correct your body posture.

5-Increase overall strength.

If you build strong legs then you will feel more strength. Stronger Legs helps you to derive more force from the ground, provide you more stability and More reps in every exercise then you will be able to lift heavier weight. Your lower back will become stronger and you will be able to push more weights in Shoulder press, bent over barbell row and in many other exercises it will help.

3 Most Important Exercises for Leg Training-Never Miss Them


Barbell Squat
Barbell Squat

Leg Lunges

Leg lunges
Leg Lunges


Romanian Deadlift
Romanian Deadlift

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