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How to Deadlift – The Perfect Amateur’s Guide

The deadlift is often considered the pinnacle of bodybuilding, and it is hard to argue with that. Apart from being a complete exercise, deadlifting is also a show of pure strength. But often, amateurs attempt it without learning the right deadlift technique and end up hurting themselves. So, let’s first learn how to deadlift properly […]

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The 11 Best Triceps Workout For Bigger Arms

Triceps are, without a doubt, one of the most important muscles – for both aesthetics and strength. But even the experienced gym-goers often get confused about how to strengthen triceps and bulk those arms. Well, here are the 11 best triceps workout to maximize your gains and give you the arms you always desired. 1. […]

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How to Build A Bigger Chest In 4 Weeks

How to Build A Bigger Chest In 4 Weeks

Hopelessly trying to build a bigger chest, and getting no result. So just wait here I’m gonna tell you few ways to build chest bigger and broader. Here you won’t get any shortcut method or some magical stuff. Whatever I’m gonna tell you will be based on true training principle. Let’s get started. Why You […]

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Stretching wildmovefitness

Stretching, Most Overlooked Forms Of Exercise

Go stretch yourself. Stretching is probably one of the most overlooked forms of exercise, yet it enhances virtually everything that we do in life. Good flexibility helps to prevent physical injury, even in normal daily activities and makes it possible for us to perform at our peak level of capability. Stretching is not stressful. It is […]

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Cycling Tips And Programs For Everyone

Cycling is a sport for all ages. It is a way of relaxing in your spare time, a way to keep fit no matter your age, or a way to achieve performance if taken seriously and practiced as a sport in the real meaning of the word. It does not really matter what you choose […]

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ectomorph workout and diet plan

Ectomorph Workout And Diet Plan

Trying to put on some mass on your bones but failed every time. Eat a lot but still struggling to gain weight, Fed up with the bits of advice given by the trainers, society, friends, and family. So, I decided to write an article on “Ectomorph workout and diet plan” and help you become healthier. […]

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kettlebell workout

Best Full Body Kettlebell Workout

Can you imagine that one kettlebell can do a lot to your body? It can change your whole physique. You can do various kind of workout with just one equipment, whether it is fat loss program or muscle gain program. you can perform the full body kettlebell workout. It is very easy and simple and one also […]

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Legs workout

Benefits Of Legs Workout

When you walk into the gym you have seen many guys with strong and heavy upper body and legs are like a toothpick. Don’t be like them. If you don’t wanna to look like a chicken then you must train your legs. Skipping leg training means you are almost skipping your gains. I know Legs […]

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insane fat loss guide

Insane Fat Loss Guide

Losing Fat & Getting shredded to bones is a basic science and this Insane fat loss guide teaches you everything you need to know about losing body fat and will guide you to your shredded physique. Weight loss vs Fat loss You need to understand the difference between the weight loss and Fat loss. Fat […]

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Bodytypes feature image

Different Body Types and Workout Methods

Hi There! I hope you’re doing well. In this article, I’m going cover Different body types and Workout methodology one should follow strictly. We all know that each one having a different body shape and size. So, their training methods are also different. Never follow someone else workout principles blindly. I’ll tell you why? Mainly body type […]

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