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So, If you have a knowledge and experience worth sharing, and you are  Interested in the Guest Post, then you can write a guest post on our blog. We will share your valuable content with our readers.

Benefits of the sponsored post-

  1. Publishing of article with 3 hrs.
  2. You are allowed to add 2+ do-follow Backlinks.
  3. No paid/promotion/sponsored kind of message will be displayed in your article.

Price for the sponsored guest post

  • For 1 Article the price is 25$.
  • For 2 Articles the price is 20$ each.
  • For 3 or more than 3 Articles the price is 15$ each.

Guidelines for guest/Sponsored Post

  1. Your post must be written in English.
  2. Content must be related to  Health and fitness.
  3. Content must be original, i.e. Article has never be published on your site or somewhere else.
  4. only 1 do-follow link is allowed for the guest post and 2 or more than 2  do-follow links are allowed for the sponsored guest post.
  5. A post should have at least 500 words.
  6. A post should not violate the copyright laws.
  7. If you have social site links then we will also include them.
  8. Please Don’t send us any kind of spam.


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