How to Build A Bigger Chest In 4 Weeks

How to Build A Bigger Chest In 4 Weeks

Hopelessly trying to build a bigger chest, and getting no result. So just wait here I’m gonna tell you few ways to build chest bigger and broader. Here you won’t get any shortcut method or some magical stuff. Whatever I’m gonna tell you will be based on true training principle. Let’s get started.

Why You Need To Build a Bigger chest?

A bigger chest reflects the strength and makes your upper body look perfect. If you have a small frame and typical body type is skinny then you must work on your Chest and don’t skip it.

Actually, in the real scenario, nobody skip chest and biceps exercise because they are the showiest muscles in your body. Every newbie starts his gym by picking up bench press only, but still, most of them can’t develop a bigger chest because of improper training principles.

Don’t worry I will tell you how to train chest.

How To Start Building a Bigger Chest?

First, of all, I want to make you clear one thing that it is not mandatory to train your chest on Mondays only. You can train your chest on any weekday.

How to start: First you need to lay the foundation for your chest development by focusing on strength workout only. Your chest muscles are bigger in size, they are divided into 2 parts, Pictorial Major and Pictorial Minor.

In Bodybuilding, we target chest in 3 sub-parts Upper chest, lower chest and Middle chest. For them, we have different exercise sets.

How to Build A Bigger Chest In 4 Weeks

Chest Workout Plan

Here is your complete chest workout plan, to develop a bigger chest. Do it on any one day in the week. You can also add Triceps workout with your chest workout. It’s the best combo ever.

S.NOExercise NameSetsRepsRest
1Push-Ups315-2060-70 sec
2Barbell Bench Press(Flat bench)48-1260 sec
3Incline Dumbbell Fly38-1270 sec
4Decline Dumbbell Bench Press38-1280 sec
5Dips412-1580 sec

NOTE: If you don’t know how to perform these exercise then just click on exercise name. This workout will only work only if you maintain a healthy diet plan.

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